Baty, John W.

Morning Oregonian, November 8, 1917

Funeral of John W. Baty Will Be Held At Vancouver Today

John W. Baty, 79, a Civil War veteran,father of Dective Captain C. E. Baty, died late Tuesday night at the home of his son, Claude E. Baty, of Vancouver, Washington. Funeral services we be held at noon today at Vancouver. Burial will be in the family plot in Oregon City.

John W. Baty was born at Ringo Mills, Ky., and spent the early years of his life in Kentucky, Missouri and Kansas.

During the Civil War he was a member of the Fifth Missouri Cavalry. He came to Oregon 30 years ago and made his home in Oregon City, where he lived until the death of his wife in 1912.

Mr. Baty’s death was hastened by a fall last spring, from the effects of which he never fully recovered. Four sons and a daughter survive: T.J. Baty, A.E. Baty and Detective Captain C. A. Baty, of Portland;Claude E. Baty, of Vancouver, and Mrs. Lizzie Shank, of Portland.


Name: John W. Baty
Side: Union
Regiment State/Origin: Missouri
Regiment: 5th Regiment, Missouri State Militia Cavalry
Company: A
Rank In: Private
Rank Out: Corporal
Alternate Name: John W./Beatty
Film Number: M390 roll 3


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