Clarke, Joseph B. (Rev.)

The Weekly Enterprise, Friday, March 24, 1871
DEATH – Rev. Mr. Clark died at his residence, about four miles from this city, last Sunday morning. He leaves a wife and several small children to mourn his death.

1870 Census, Clackamas County, Oregon:
Joseph Clark, 32, Born: New York (birth about 1838)
Francis Clark, 30
Maria Clark, 7
Ralph Clark, 5
George Clark, 3
Kate Clark, 6/12
Harriett Pease, 64

(Harriet Pease buried in same lot as Joseph B. Clarke, 302, Old Cemetery)

Oregon Probate Record: Record of Wills, Vol 2-3, 1864-1888. Page 123, May session 1871

In the matter of the Estate of Joseph B. Clark Deceased

On this day came Frances J. Clark by her atty W. C. Johnson and presented to the court her petition alleging that Joseph B. Clark died in Clackamas County Oregon on or about the 19th day of March A. D. 1871 being at the time a resident and freeholder and householder of said county, that during the life time of said deceased he made and executed his last will and testament and that the same was presented in writing annexed to said petition and she prayed that said will in writing as presented might be admitted to probate and thereupon the court proceeded to hear and examine the said writing and to take the proofs relating to the execution thereof and the court being satisfied that said writing was genuine and duly signed and sealed by the deceased in his life time that the same was executed and witnessed as required by law and that the deceased when executing said writing was under no undue influence or restraint of any kind and was of sound mind and disposing memory. It was therefore ordered and decreed by the court that the said writing be admitted to probate as the last will and testament of

said J. B. Clark deceased and that the same and the proofs thereunto connected be entered of record in the proceedings of this court in the words and figures following, to wit:

I, Joseph B. Clark of Clackamas county in the state of Oregon being of sound mind and disposing memory although in very feeble health and knowing the uncertainty of life with me do make and declare this my last will and testament to wit:

I desire that all my just debts should be paid and to that end, I make them, if so need be, a charge and lien upon the property which I now own and which is heretofore devised.

And subordinate to the forgoing provision I give, devise, deed and bequeath all the property and estate real and personal and mixed (?) of which I shall die possessed with my beloved and faithful wife Frances Jane Clark to have and to hold with the same as she may deem proper to sell of retain as she may deem best.

And in case it should become necessary in her judgment to sell any of my real property in order to pay any claims against my estate or any expenses of administration or for the proper maintenance of herself or children during the settlement of my estate, it is my will and desire that she should sell the same as and for her own property without any authority or license from any court and that she execute deeds and pays the same without the approval or control of any court, and it is my will that any deeds so executed acknowledge and by her should be held to bring and bear all my heirs and legal representatives forever and also I do hereby nominate and appoint my wife Frances Jane Clark aforesaid to be the executrix of this my last will and testament and desiring to save her any and all unnecessary trouble I declare it my will that she should to be required to give any bond or obligation whatever in conducting the settlement of my estate under direction of the proper court. I have children Mariah W. Clark, Ralph L. Clark, George P. Clark and Kate Clark whom I dearly love for whom I wish I could amply provide, but knowing the tender care of their mother for them, I can do no bettr for them than to commend them to her guardianship, and to the father of all who careth for the widows and orphan and hence I make them no separate legacy.

In witness whereof I do hereunto set my hand and seal the 16th day of March A. D. 1871.

Done in presence of Joseph P. Clark
George A. Pease of Oregon City, Oregon
W. C. Johnson of Oregon City Oregon


Civil War Headstone Application: Clarke, Joseph B.
Lieut, 38th Regt.
New York Infantry
Cemetery: Oregon City or St. Mary’s
City or Town: Oregon City, Oregon
Date of Death: March 19, 1871

Name: Joseph B Clark
Age: 26
Birth Year: abt 1835
Enlistment Year: 1861
Enlistment Location: New York City
Muster Year: 1861
Separation Details: Dismissed
Separation Date: 30 Jul 1862

Name: Joseph B Clark
Residence: New York City, New York
Age at Enlistment: 26
Enlistment Date: 7 May 1861
Rank at enlistment: 2nd Lieutenant
Enlistment Place: New York City, New York
State Served: New York
Survived the War?: Yes
Service Record: Commissioned an officer in Company E, New York 38th Infantry Regiment on 03 Jun 1861. Promoted to Full 1st Lieutenant on 07 May 1861. Mustered out on 30 Jul 1862.
Birth Date: abt 1835
Death Place: Clackamas County, Oregon
Sources: New York: Report of the Adjutant-General, Research by Harold Slavik


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