Harding, George Albert

Candidate for Mayor, September 18, 1903
Oregon City Courier

George A. Harding
George A. Harding, Courier 1903

George A. Harding – Mr. Harding has long been a resident of Clackamas county and Oregon City. For many years he has been active in the political, social and business life of Oregon City. He is a man of high character, and no man stands better with the people. He was born in Sidney, Australia, came to California when he was twelve years old, to Portland, Oregon, in 1857, and went into the drug business at that place and has continuously from that day to this been a druggist. He has been a druggist for forty-six years, a good long time in the Ordinary life of any man. During 1899 and 1900 he was president of the Oregon State Pharmaceutical Society. For four years he was a member of the Council of Oregon City. For two years he was vice-president of the Oregon City Bank. Mr. Harding has a lovely home and a most interesting family. He is not only one of the substantial citizens of Oregon City, but is a big-hearted and big-brained man. To add to his other good qualities he is a Democrat and would make and excellent mayor.

(Grant B. Dimick was re-elected mayor in the 1903 election. George A. Harding did not ever serve as mayor, but his son Lloyd Ordway “Ben” Harding was elected in 1935 and served two terms.)

Oregon City Courier, Thursday, June 17, 1915
Oregon City Veteran Made Head of G. A. R. for Dept. of Oregon

Harding George 1916
1916, Enterprise

At the annual encampment of the Grand Army of the Republic held during the week at McMinnville, George A. Harding, of Oregon City, for many years quartermaster of Meade Post No. 2, was elected Commander of the Department of Oregon. Mr. Harding’s election was unanimous, and the honor bestowed upon him is regarded as a mark of great respect for him as a leader in patriotic work in the state.

Mr. Harding was a member of the Oregon Volunteers during the Civil war, and has a son who was a member of the Second Oregon during the Spanish-American War. His wife was formerly president of the Women’s Relief Corps for the Department of Oregon.

Mr. Harding is a heavy property owner and has been associated with many movements looking to the upbuilding of Oregon City. He was the first president of the Willamette Valley Southern Railway. He has been a resident of Oregon City about 50 years.

Oregonian, September 25, 1926
Funeral services for George A. Harding, prominent businessman and member of Meade Post No. 2 Grand Army of the Republic, were held from St. Paul’s Episcopal Church in the city today. Patriotic organizations represented were the Meade Post, Grand Army of the Republic, Women’s Relief Corps and Susannah Lee Barlow chapter, Daughters of the American Revolution. The body was laid to rest beside that of his wife Jennie Barlow Harding, who died six months ago. Mr. Harding married Jennie Barlow October 27, 1877 in Clackamas county, Oregon. They had been married for 48 years at the time of her death.


Name: George A . Harding
Side: Union
Regiment State/Origin: Oregon Territory
Regiment: 1st Regiment, Oregon Infantry
Company: E
Rank In: Private
Rank Out: Sergeant
Film Number: M553 roll 1

Name: George Albert Harding
Rank at enlistment: Sergeant
State Served: Oregon
Survived the War?: Yes
Service Record: Enlisted in Company E, Oregon 1st Infantry Regiment.
Death Date: 23 Sep 1926
Death Place: Clackamas County, Oregon
Sources: Index to Compiled Military Service Records, Research by Barry Crompton, Research by Harold Slavik

Meade Post No. 2 G.A.R. Roster:
Muster in: 11/26/1864
Muster out: 11/22/1865
Assigned: Hospital


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