Maxwell, Joseph D.

The Sunday Oregonian, March 24, 1907, Section Two
W. W. Henderson Kills Wife, Himself and Wounds Father-in-Law, J. D. Maxwell
Woman Had Sought Divorce, but Henderson Wanted to Secure Her Property – Parties are from California

OREGON CITY, Or., March 23.
Mr. and Mrs. William W. Henderson are dead and Joseph D. Maxwell is seriously wounded as a result of a tragedy that took place at 8:30 o’clock this morning in a room on the third floor of the Wilhelm Tell House, on the corner of Main and Sixth streets in this city. Maxwell’s condition is serious but he has some chance of recovery.
Henderson came to this city at 11 o’clock last night and was seen in a drunken condition. This morning he entered the parlor of the Wilhelm Tell House, where his wife and her father, Mr. Maxwell, were sitting. He was angry, and talked in a loud voice, demanding an interview. In order to avoid publicity, the three went upstairs to Maxwell’s room, and it was here that Henderson fired the shots that resulted in the death of himself and his wife…

Less than two weeks ago Mrs. Henderson came here for the purpose of appearing to secure her divorce, and she was accompanied by her father, whose home is in Latrove, Eldorado County, Cal. They secured rooms at the Wilhelm Tell House, where they lived quietly.

Oregon City Courier, Friday, April 5, 1907
W. D. Maxwell arrived here Sunday from Downey, Cal., to make arrangements for the funeral of his father, who died last week in Good Samaritan Hospital at Portland from mortal wounds he received in the triple tragedy at the Wilhelm Tell House, Saturday March 23. The remains were interred Tuesday in the Mountain View Cemetery in this city, where the bodies of William W. Henderson, the murderer, and his wife, who was a daughter of Joseph D. Maxwell and sister of W. D. Maxwell, were interred.

Probate: Clackamas County, confirms death date 03/28/1907

Over the next few weeks local newspapers published additional articles on Martha Maxwell Henderson’s shady past, including a previous murder that was may have been committed by her father. See the rest of the story: A Shooting, Three Deaths and a Shady Past.


Name: Joseph Maxwell
Side: Union
Regiment State/Origin: Iowa
Regiment: 5th Regiment, Iowa Infantry
Company: A
Rank In: Private
Rank Out: Private
Film Number: M541 roll 17

Name: Joseph Maxwell
Residence: Iowa
Age at Enlistment: 18
Enlistment Date: 24 Jun 1861
Rank at enlistment: Private
State Served: Iowa
Survived the War?: Yes
Service Record: Enlisted in Company A, Iowa 5th Infantry Regiment on 15 Jul 1861. Mustered out on 25 Sep 1862 at Jacinto, MS.
Birth Date: abt 1843
Death Place: Clackamas County, Oregon
Sources: Roster & Record of Iowa Soldiers in the War of Rebellion, Research by Harold Slavik


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