Swope, Thomas W.

Oregon City Courier, Friday, December 30, 1904
Thomas W. Swope
Died, at the home of his daughter, Mrs. Charles M. Oglesby, near this city at 4 o’clock, Friday morning, aged 78 years. His death was due to cancer of the stomach. The funeral was held Sunday afternoon at 1:30 o’clock at the home of his daughter. Rev. F. Peacock of Portland, officiating. The interment was in City cemetery. The deceased is survived by three children – Mrs. Charles M. Oglesby, Attorney B. F. Swope of Toledo, Oregon, and Rev. Geo. W. Swope, pastor Third Baptist church, Nashville, Tennessee.
The death of Thomas Swope of this city, last Friday morning, marks the close of a long successful life. He was born near Louisville, Ky. in 1831. He spent his boyhood days on his father’s farm. about 1850 he, with his father and three brothers, moved to Missouri. here they became interested in the mercantile business and he was for a number of years a prominent merchant of Graham, at that time a trading center for the north west Missouri. Here he married Miss Helen Stephens.
During the civil war he answered the call for ten thousand from Missouri, and enlisted in Company K, 3rd regiment. At the close of the war he purchased the farm upon which he afterward founded the city of Maitland and became an extensive farmer and stock raiser for several years. After the death of his wife in 1884, he moved, with is daughter and two sons, to Oregon City, where he has resided since 1886, during which time he has made a large circle of friends who will mourn his death. besides his three children he leaves a sister and two brothers – Mrs. Baldwin, of Mound City, Mo. and D. H. Swope, a capitalist of Mound City and J. A. Swope of Joplin, Mo.


Civil War Pension Index: Swope, Thomas W.
K 3 Provisional En Mo Mil
1894 Feb 8, Invalid, Application: 1155820, Certificate: 920843, Oregon

3rd Provisional Regiment, Enrolled Missouri Militia was enrolled between 14 April 1863 and 20 May 1863. They were ordered into service between 14 April 1863 and 20 May 1863. The Regiment was discharged between 12 September 1863 and 9 December 1863. The Colonels in charge were William Heren (Heron) and Bennett Pike

Records of Missouri Units are incomplete – no record of 3rd Provisional Regiment located online.


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