Besancon, James Eugene

Besancon, Eugene:
Born March 12, 1845, Pike, Wyoming County, New York
Died July 1, 1923, Clackamas County, Oregon

Oregon Death Index:
Name: James Eugene Besancon
Death Date : 1 Jul 1923
Death Place : Clackamas
Certificate : 221


New York Town Clerks’ Registers of Men Who Served in the Civil War
Name: Besancon, Eugene
Residence: Pike, Wyoming Co.
Time and Place of Birth: March 12, 1845, Middlebury, N. Y.
Rank: Private
Reg’t 2nd M. R.
Co: B
Enlisted: Dec. 12, 1863
Mustered: Feb. 14, 1864
Enlisted: 3 years
Place of Enlistment: Pike
Bounty Paid by County 300
Parents; James & Mary Mr’t
Previous Occupation: Mechanic
In battle of Petersburg & Hatches Run. Dis. Aug 10, 1865.

Battle Mountain Sanitarium, Hot Springs, South Dakota Patient Register
Eugene Besancon
Time and Place of Each Enlistment: Dec. 12, 1863, Pike, N. Y.
Rank: Pri.
Company: B, 2nd Mtd. Rifles, N. Y.
Time and Place of Discharge: Aug 10, 1865, Petersburg, Va.
Cause of Discharge: Special Orders
Kind and Degree of Disability: Stomatitis, Glossitis, Paryyngitis
Where Born: New York
Age: 63
Height: 5 – 9
Complexion: Light
Color of Eyes: Blue
Color of Hair: Brown
Read and Write: Yes
Religion: Prot.
Occupation: Laborer
Residence Subsequent to Discharge: Mitchell, S. D.
Married or Single: Widower
Name and Address of Nearest Relative: C. A. Besancon (son), Mitchell, S. D.
Rate of Pension: $12.00
Date of Admission, Re-Admission and Transfer: Adm. B. M. S. 30-1-08
Date of Discharge and Transfer: Dis. 28-7-09
Pension Certificate: 645,399


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