Cochran Family – Hiram Jerome Cochran and Frances Louise “Fannie” Kelly Cochran

Hiram Jerome Cochran was born August 31, 1832 in Cochranton, Crawford County, Pennsylvania. His grandfather, Charles Cochran, was an early settler in Crawford County and a Revolutionary War Veteran. As a young man Hiram moved to Vancouver, Washington.

In 1859 he was married the Frances Louise Kelly, daughter of Major William Kelly, who was stationed at Fort Vancouver. Major Kelly served as the Postmaster in Vancouver, an office later filled by his son-in-law. In  1872 Hiram and Fannie, with their five daughters, moved to Oregon City. Two more daughters were born in Oregon City, the youngest, Annie, “Nan”, just a few months after the death of the second oldest daughter, Inez.

Cochran House, 12th & Washington
(Demolished 1960s-1970s)

Hiram served two terms as Mayor of Oregon City and several terms as a City Councilor. He was well-regarded by his fellow citizens, and his death from a sudden heart attack at age 63 was a shock to the community. Hiram, Fannie and their daughters Inez and Minnie are buried at Mountain View Cemetery.

Their youngest daughter, Annie Cornelia “Nan” Cochran, worked as a reporter for the Oregon City Enterprise beginning in the early 1900’s. She was well known in Oregon City, as were her sister Louise “Lou” who founded the Oregon City Business College and Harriet “Hat”, who taught at Barclay School, retiring to keep house for her sisters Lou and Nan after their mother’s death.

Click on a name below for obituaries and more information on the family members.

Note that there is some question on the daughter’s birth dates as census records gives contradictory information and official records were not kept in the Oregon and Washington Territories in the mid-1800’s. The birth order has been verified.)

Hiram Jerome Cochran: August 31, 1832 – August 22, 1895
(Mountain View Cemetery)

Frances L. “Fannie” Kelly Cochran: July 3, 1839 – June 12, 1909
(Mountain View Cemetery)


Minnie Genevieve Cochran (Mrs. Frederick Ross Charman): July 2, 1860 – June 4, 1897
(Mountain View Cemetery)

Inez May Cochran: November 1862 – March 30, 1878
(Mountain View Cemetery)

Stella Jeanette Cochran (Mrs. James B. Robinson): April 29, 1865 – March 17, 1945
(River View Cemetery)

Harriet “Hat” Alexandria Cochran: December 1872 – December 7, 1939
(Portland Crematorium & Mausoleum)

Azalie Cochran (Mrs. John Patrick Keating): June 1874 – January 21, 1942

Louise “Lou” Gertrude Cochran: July 1876 – October 23, 1939
(Portland Crematorium & Mausoleum)

Annie “Nan” Cornelia Cochran: August 27, 1878 – July 23, 1957
(Portland Crematorium & Mausoleum)


The Cochran Girls – Left to Right: Minnie, Stella Jeanette, Louise, Harriet, Nan, Azelie



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