Cochran, Inez May

Oregon City Enterprise, April 4, 1878


In this city, March 30th, 1878, Inez M. Cochran, second daughter of Hiram and Fannie Cochran, aged 15 years and 5 months.

Inez was a sweet, dear child, and greatly beloved by all who knew her. She possessed more than ordinary strength of intellect, a sweet and sunny disposition, and a strict conscientiousness and depth of religious feeling seldom found in one so young. She was baptized when an infant by the venerable Dr. McCarty, in St. Luke’s church, Vancouver, and was for several years a most faithful and beloved pupil of St. Paul’s Sunday School, in this city. Her regular attendance, her well prepared lessons and reverent and devout conduct when there, won for her the highest esteem and love of both teacher and pastor. Long and greatly will her sweet and smiling face be missed from the church and Sunday School, to which she was so devotedly attached But while her teachers and fellow pupils feel sad and lonely at her loss, they cannot but rejoice at the thought that her pure spirit has ascended from the church on earth to the church in heaven, there to bathe in the bright sunlight of God’s glory, to sing His praises and to rejoice in His love, world without end.

The funeral services were conducted by the rector, the Rev. John W. Sellwood, in the Episcopal church, on Monday morning last. The church was filled to overflowing with a large number of mourning and sympathizing friends. The Sunday School, of which Inez was so long a member, turned out in a body and were seated around the chancel in the front of the church. They walked out in procession to the grave yard, carrying bouquets of flowers in their hands, which they threw into the open grave when the words of committal, “Earth to earth, ashes to ashes, dust to dust,” were pronounced. It was a most beautiful, solemn and impressive sight to see those children standing around the grave and to hear their voices devoutly in the Lord’s prayer.

The grave was bereft of much of its coldness for loving hands had been out all morning and tastefully covered its walls with evergreens and flowers. At the head of the grave too stood a large wreath of flowers. With such loving preparations as these it seemed more like laying Inez in a bower of beauty than in the cold, cold grave, to await the resurrection morn. It is needless to say that the heart-stricken parents and sisters have the deepest sympathy of this community. May the richest of heaven’s consolations rest upon them in their hour of trial.

“No bitterness for thee be shed,
Blossom of being, seen and gone;
With flowers along we strew thy bed,
O, blessed departed one!
Whose all of life, a rosy way,
Blushed into dawn and passed away.”


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