Yoder, David K. – 1895

SAD DROWNING – The sad drowning of David Yoder, the 15-year-old son of Mr. and Mrs. M. Yoder last Monday will have a tendency to make boys who cannot swim cautious about going into the water. David was employed in the woolen mills, and at the noon hour went in bathing at the rear of the mills. Several small boys were sitting on the bank watching him playing around in the shallow water, but suddenly he unsuspectingly stepped off a ledge of rocks into what proved to be a pool of deep water. One of the boys tried to catch him when he raised to the surface of the water, but failed. A board was reached out to the drowning boy, but he was unable to catch that and when he sank the last time the alarm was given, and after he had been in the water about 10 minutes, young Austin of Canemah dove into the 20-foot hole and brought him to the surface. His lifeless form was carried in to the factory building on the bank of the river, physicians were summoned, and every effort made to resuscitate him. It is stated that one of his limbs moved after being taken out, but he had evidently been under the water too long to be brought back to life, and every effort to bring his lifeless form to consciousness proved futile. The funeral took place from the family residence on Fifth Street Tuesday afternoon at four o’clock, and the services were conducted by Rev. Gabriel Sykes. David was a faithful employee and a universal favorite among his companions. The parents and relatives have the sympathy of the community.

Oregon City Enterprise, August 2, 1895


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