Civil War Graves – Mountain View Cemetery

As of November 2018, I have identified 154 graves of Civil War veterans at Mountain View Cemetery. A few more are pending confirmation, due to insufficient information on the grave or questions on the details of their service. In addition to the actual burials there is one cenotaph, for Private Levi Crowley, who died of Roseola while in the service, and who is buried in the Nashville National Cemetery.

The oldest grave holds the remains of the youngest of the veterans, Private Alba Andrew Lyman. He enlisted in Company E, 1st Oregon Infantry at age 20 and died on August 24, 1866, at age 22. His will, leaving the bulk of his small estate to his aunt, Mary Cason, includes bills from two local doctors indicating that he probably died of either small pox or diptheria, both of which were common at the time. Alba had a short but eventful life. With his eleven year old aunt Mary and his grandfather, Walter Marsh, three year old Alba was living at the Whitman mission in November 1847.  In the attack on the mission residents, Walter was killed and Mary and Alba were among the hostages held for two weeks after the incident.

Another early death was that of Charles Warren, Company B, 1st Oregon Infantry, a promising young attorney who died of small pox at age 27, in 1874.

Although the majority of the veterans died of natural causes in their 70s, 80s and 90s, a few had more tragic ends.

Richard Williams, Company F, 22nd Wisconsin Infantry, was severely injured by becoming entangled in machinery at the Miller, Marshall and Co. flour mill. He lingered for a week after his left leg was amputated but due to this and other injuries inflicted by the cogs in the bolting mill, he succumbed on April 5, 1875 at age 29.

Joseph Maxwell, age 64, died a week after being shot by his son-in-law, who also shot and killed himself as well as his wife, Maxwell’s daughter. Maxwell, a resident of California, was staying at a hotel in Oregon City with his daughter as she waited for her divorce to be finalized. Maxwell’s son chose to bury his father and sister in Oregon City and the funeral was held under the auspices of the Meade Post No. 2, Grand Army of the Republic, Maxwell being a veteran of Company A, 5th Iowa Infantry (much more to this tale…)

Following is complete list of the deceased Civil War era veterans and information on their military service. Click the names for biographies and military service information.

Name Unit Rank/Office DOD Location Block Lot Grave  
Allen, Richard M. Cos. E & F, 1st Oregon Cavalry Sergeant 05/22/1904 Old Cemetery 359
Andrews, Leigh Richmond Co M, 2nd Illinois Light Artillery Private 02/15/1916 Section A 5 5
Andrews, Luther M. (Dr.) Co. S, 47th Illinois Infantry Asst. Surgeon 03/18/1897 Masonic 84 4
Apperson, John Thomas Co E, 1st Oregon Cavalry 1st Lieutenant 04/03/1917 Masonic 23 2
Babcock, Christopher Columbus Co B, 8th Minnesota Infantry Private 09/05/1907 1st Addition 221 2
Babcock, Samuel J. Co I, 46th Wisconsin Infantry Corporal 12/01/1911 1st Addition 195 2
Barin, Louis Theodore Co E, 1st Oregon Cavalry 1st Sergeant 04/18/1904 Old Cemetery 251
Baty, John Wesley Co A, 5th Missouri Cavalry Corporal 11/06/1917 1st Addition 92 2
Besancon, Eugene
(James Eugene)
Co B, 2nd New York Mounted Rifles Private 07/01/1923 Section E 1 8 C
Bill, David Keyes Co B, 3rd Minnesota Infantry Sgt. 08/26/1912 1st Addition 127 5    
Bohall, King E.
(Eugene King Bowhall)
Co E, 20th New York Cavalry Private 08/11/1904 1st Addition 166 1
Bowers, William Delose Co G, 14th New York Infantry 2nd Lieutenant 04/05/1903 1st Addition 143 3
Brown, John Franklin S. Co D, 11th Maryland Infantry Sergeant 12/20/1921 Old Cemetery 415 1
Brown, Theodore S. Co G, 36th Iowa Infantry Private 10/19/1924 Section F 1 23 D
Buckles, William Co D, 15th Kansas Cavalry Private 01/15/1908 Section A 3 5
Burt, Hiram Co E, 118th New York Infantry Private 04/21/1911 1st Addition 138 3
Cahill, Enos Cos I & F, 80th Ohio Infantry Corporal 09/07/1913 Masonic 89 2
Califf, Samuel Bradford Co. K, 38th Iowa Infantry Captain 12/12/1906 Section B 60 C
Carter, Joseph B. Co I, 52nd Pennsylvania Infantry Private 10/12/1926 1st Addition 196 5
Charman, Thomas Oregon Militia 1865-1866 Major 02/27/1907 Masonic 12 4
Cheney, Orin Arden Co H, 13th Wisconsin Infantry Private 02/01/1913 1st Addition 138 1
Chesmore, Henry Brush Co A, 13th Wisconsin Infantry Private 06/03/1927 Section E 4 1 D
Chute, Greenleaf Co C, 12th Maine Infantry Private 05/24/1903 1st Addition 81W 2
Clarke, Dr. Andrew 1st Northeast Missouri Home Guard Asst. Surgeon 01/15/1887 Old Cemetery 249
Clarke, Joseph B. Co E, 38th New York Infantry 1st Lieutenant 03/19/1871 Old Cemetery 302
Coad, William Hooke Co F, 41st Wisconsin Infantry Private 11/01/1891 Old Cemetery 89
Confer, John Andrew Co C, 30th Wisconsin Infantry & Co E, 16th Wisconsin Infantry Musician 10/19/1933 IOOF 86 2
Cooper, Robert Milo Co K, 183rd Pennsylvania Infantry Private 08/14/1913 Old Cemetery 40
Crawford, John Co H 16th US Infantry, Co K 1st Iowa Cavalry Private 01/01/1915 Section A 56 1
Crowley, Levi Co D, 74th Illinois Infantry Private 12/21/1862 Old Cemetery 54 Cenotaph
Darnall, Nicholas H. Co E, 129th Illinois Infantry Private 09/14/1917 Masonic 8 3
David, John B. Co E, 2nd Wisconsin Infantry Sergeant 12/18/1908 Masonic 21 3
Davies, David H. Co F, 22nd Wisconsin Infantry Sergeant 06/15/1915 2nd Addition 30 3
DeFord, John James Independent Battery F, Pennsylvania Light Artillery Private 12/23/1914 1st Addition 217 1
Dodds, William Alfred Co A, 53rd Ohio Infantry Private 09/09/1924 Section F 1 20 D
Doremus, Jeremiah Co G, 27th New Jersey Infantry Private 03/11/1926 Section E 2 6 A
Doty, George W. U. S. Navy & Co E, 39th New Jersey Infantry Private 03/11/1916 2nd Addition 40 4
Dugger, John Co B, 13th Kentucky Cavalry Private 02/02/1914 1st Addition 81E 5
Edmunds, Rev. Abraham C. U. S. Sanitary Commission Private 05/22/1879 Old Cemetery 31 No Headstone
Etters, William Co E, Pennsylvania 34th Infantry transferred 06/06/1864 to Co D, 191st Pennsylvania Infantry Sergeant 03/18/1922 Old Cemetery 104 5
Farrell, John J. Co I, 3rd US Artillery Musician 02/10/1882 Old Cemetery 142
Forbes, Lealdas Arthur Co K, 116th Indiana Infantry Private 02/23/1902 1st Addition 81W 5
Frederick, Francis W. Co L, 2nd Minnesota Cavalry Private 10/30/1920 1st Addition 24 4    
Freeman, William H. Co F, 11th Illinois Infantry & Co D, 91st Illinois Infantry Corporal 11/10/1922 Old Cemetery 351
Frost, David Gilbert Co B, 116th Ohio Volunteer Infantry (transferred to Field & Staff) Principal Musician 12/16/1902 1st Addition 143 1
Fuge, Patrick Co B, 129th Illinois Infantry Private 11/17/1906 1st Addition 52 3
Gould, William Henry Co C, 105th Illinois Infantry Private 10/13/1924 1st Addition 186 5
Grant, Ebenenzer “Eben” Benoni Co H, 142nd New York Infantry Private 08/19/1937 Section B 45 C
Graves, Jesse Thomas Co F, 147th Illinois Infantry Corporal 03/24/1925 Section E 1 20 A No Headstone
Gray, George Riley Co G, 123rd Indiana Infantry Private 02/22/1918 1st Addition 81E 3
Grider, Evan Thomas Co A, 27th Indiana Infantry Private 03/06/1907 Old Cemetery 33
Griep, F. Gottlieb Co H, 15th Iowa (Infantry?) Private 07/03/1916 Section A 17 2
Hadley, James Harrison Co G, 1st Iowa Cavalry Private 06/16/1922 Section A 166 2
Harding, George Albert Co E, 1st Oregon Infantry Sergeant 09/23/1926 Masonic 127 3
Harding, Henry James Co E, 1st Oregon Infantry Private 08/16/1925 1st Addition 20 2
Hayward, Sennith Purnell Co C,B, 6th Missouri Infantry Private 04/29/1923 Section F 1 5 A
Hickman, Charles Thornton Co B, 39th Missouri Infantry Volunteers and Co M, Missouri 2nd Cavalry Regiment 1st Lieutenant 07/21/1901 Old Cemetery 358
Hill, Rodney Gardner Co D, Indiana 142nd Infantry Private 04/15/1918 1st Addition 81E 2
Hobble, Andrew Jackson Co H, 11th Illinois Cavalry Private 07/22/1924 Masonic 61 5
Hoehn, George Co B, 8th Indiana Cavalry Private 02/13/1899 Old Cemetery 333 3
Holland, Thomas Jackson Co D, Osage County Regiment, Missouri Home Guard Private 04/20/1904 1st Addition 146 4    
Holmes, Orren Co K, 12th Indiana Infantry/18th Infantry, U. S. Army, Co’s A, H, C Private 03/02/1894 Old Cemetery 391
Hubert, William Gordon Co I, 15th New York Heavy Artillery Private 12/11/1918 IOOF 73 4
Hull, Henry Lucillius Co C, Pennsylvania 57th Infantry, Co G, 144th Ohio Volunteer Infantry Sergeant 07/29/1918 Section A 62 5
Hunt, Joseph Reese Co B, 19th Illinois Infantry Private 12/07/1920 1st Addition 94 2
Hutson, Ezra Co I, 140th New York Infantry Private 04/26/1905 1st Addition 146 2
Hutson, Ezra Co I, 140th New York Infantry Private 04/26/1905 1st Addition 146 2
Hylton, Louis Jackson Co D, 54th Virginia Infantry /25th Virginia Cavalry(CSA) Private 06/05/1917 Old Cemetery 406 22
James, David A. Co K, 1st Wisconsin Cavalry/ Co 187, 1st Battalion Veteran Reserve Corps Private 09/05/1915 2nd Addition 39 1
Kelland, Robert Co K, 34th Massachusetts Infantry/Co I, 21st U.S. Veteran Reserve Corps 21st Infantry Private 12/02/1934 Old Cemetery 380
Koplin, Israel Co F, 9th Indiana Infantry 1st Sergeant 09/15/1903 1st Addition 96 1
Lang, Adam Co F, 29th Wisconsin Infantry Private 06/07/1935 Section F 1 19  D
Lawton, Ambrose S. Co A, 116th New York Infantry Private 12/20/1896 Masonic 73 2
Leavens, David Oliver Co A, 16th Iowa Infantry Private 07/04/1915 IOOF 30 4
Lewis, Charles Newton Co K, 9th Indiana Legion Private 04/03/1918 1st Addition 293 2
Lewthwaite, John Sr. Co B, 77th New York Infantry Corporal 12/11/1924 Section A 28 2
Lyman, Alba Andrew Co E, !st Oregon Infantry Private 08/24/1866 Old Cemetery  167    
Mack, Fletcher L. (Michael Fletcher L. Mack)
Co C, 26th Ohio Infantry
Private 04/30/1910 Old Cemetery  77  
Martin, Josiah Co I, 9th Minnesota Infantry Private 11/10/1926 1st Addition 81W 6
Mattocks, Jason Lee Co C, 12th Iowa Infantry Private 01/19/1922 IOOF 98 3    
Mautz, August Co D, 9th Ohio Cavalry Private 08/06/1933 2nd Addition 29 2
Maxwell, Joseph D. Co A, 5th Iowa Infantry Private 03/28/1907 IOOF 60 2
McAfee, David C. Co C, 1st Washington Infantry Private 08/24/1898 Old Cemetery 333 3
McComb, Jacob Shaw Sr. (Rev) Co D, Osage Regiment of the Home Guards, Missouri Private 03/23/1927 2nd Addition 44 2
McCown, Ferdinand Onias Co E, !st Oregon Infantry Captain 03/28/1891  280    
McFarland, James W. Co H, 8th Indiana Cavalry Private 05/24/1914 2nd Addition 36 4
Means, Thomas B. Co E, 2nd Battalion Cavalry, Missouri State Militia & Co F, 14th Kansas Cavalry Private 05/19/1888 Old Cemetery 313
Meyer, Frederick Co C, 142nd Indiana Infantry Private 04/16/1905 1st Addition 73 4
Miller, Charles H. Co D, 3rd Colorado Infantry; Co. L. 2nd Colorado Cavalry Private 08/08/1910 1st Addition 133 1
Moore, Alexander Burton Co B, 51st Illinois Infantry Corporal 07/04/1905 1st Addition 149 1
Moore, Frank Co K, 8th Minnesota Infantry Private 12/31/1929 Section E 1 9 A
Morris, Phileman Delacy Co C, 1st Oregon Infantry Private 05/07/1883 Old Cemetery 351
Morris, Robert Lutton Co E, 1st Oregon Infantry Private 04/18/1914 Old Cemetery 250
Nash, George Washington Co A, 135th Ohio Infantry Musician 03/29/1900 Old Cemetery 387
Naught, Francis Marion Co A, 1st Oregon Infantry Corporal 11/04/1911 Old Cemetery 132 No Headstone
Nelson, James Frederick Co B, 3rd Wisconsin Cavalry Private 02/20/1927 1st Addition 93 3
Newton, Christopher Columbus Moore Co I, Massachusetts 5th Infantry Private 10/16/1876 Old Cemetery 50
Norris, John William (Dr) Co A 108th Illinois Infantry 2nd Lieutenant 06/30/1921 Masonic 57 2
Norton, Seba Co E, 33rd Illinois Infantry Private 03/04/1900 Masonic 2 1
Peasley, Joseph L. U.S. Marine Corps & Co A, Maryland Purnell Legion Infantry Private 02/13/1917 1st Addition 81E 4
Porter, Abner A. Co D, 8th Michigan Cavalry & Co I, 24th Michigan Infantry Corporal 04/20/1929 Section B 9 D
Porter, Ray Wadsworth Co A, 83rd Pennsylvania Infantry Private 02/12/1916 IOOF 18 2
Prindle, Isaac Co B, 5th Connecticut Infantry Private 03/19/1910 2nd Addition 21 2
Rawlings, Washington Co F, 23rd Iowa Infantry Captain 11/19/1917 Section A 54 2
Richardson, Sidney Daniel Co E, 1st Oregon Infantry Corporal 02/11/1911 Old Cemetery 224 No Headstone
Rinearson, Jacob Swain Co E, !st Oregon Cavalry Major 03/05/1900 or 03/02/1900 Old Cemetery 163
Rittenhouse, Wilson Willis Co K, 47th Iowa Infantry & Co K, 13th Indiana Infantry Private 01/22/1920 1st Addition 170 4
Roberds, Sylvanus L. (Dr.) Co H, 1st Indiana Heavy Artillery Sergeant 04/06/1903 1st Addition 81W 3    
Rockwell, Lucius Dickenson Co D 74th Illinois Infantry Private 09/26/1908 Old Cemetery 334      
Rockwood, George Alden (Rev) Co S, U.S. Colored Troops 8th Infantry Chaplain 09/18/1899 Old Cemetery 343
Roman, Joseph Absalom Co H, 1st Pennsylvania Rifles& Co D, 6th Maryland Infantry & Co D, Pennsylvania Moson’s Independent Cavalry & Co K, 203rd Pennsylvania Infantry 1st Lieutenant 11/08/1921 1st Addition 254 2
Root, Maurice Tracey Co L, 9th & 3rd Michigan Cavalry & Co C, 23rd Regiment, V. R. C. Private 05/01/1897 Masonic 2 4
Ross, Charles Franklin Co H, 91st Ohio Infantry Private 10/23/1903 1st Addition 167 2
Rowen, Miles Co E, 4th Indiana Cavalry Private 02/23/1903 1st Addition 257 (private stone)

81 (military stone)

Sawyer, Albert Luther Co K, 38th Iowa Infantry 1st Sergeant 08/25/1883 Masonic 78 4
Scruton, Edwin Co B, 35th Iowa Infantry & Co K, 12th Iowa Infantry Private 04/03/1923 Section A 178 3 No Headstone
Shade, Jacob Co F, 58th Illinois Infantry Corporal 09/01/1900 Old Cemetery 333
Shadle, John Battery E, 3rd Pennsylvania Heavy Artillery & Co A 188th Pennsylvania Infantry Private 03/01/1900 Old Cemetery 94
Skillman, Franklin Co G, Minnesota 3rd Infantry & Company K, U.S. Colored Troops 113th Infantry 1st Lieutenant 03/24/1921 Masonic 80 1
Slover, Daniel Jasper Co E, 1st Oregon Infantry Private 03/31/1909 Old Cemetery 51
Smith, Calvin Joseph 3rd Independent Battery, Iowa Light Artillery & Co I, 38th Iowa Infantry & Co F, 34th & 38th Consolidated Iowa Infantry Private 02/23/1923 Section B 54 E No Headstone
Smith, George Waldron Co C & A, 126th New York Infantry Corporal 01/03/1919 Section A 88 2
Stephens, Allen R Co B, 1st Tennessee Infantry Private 08/18/1914 Old Cemetery 333      
Stevens, Harley Crawford Specially authorized, 6 months, appt. by Secretary of War (Emigrant Escort Service) Private 07/21/1924 1st Addition 12 4    
Stokes, Albert Frederick Co G & C, 31st Massachusetts Infantry Private 04/06/1918 1st Addition 23 4
Stroup, Robert Josiah Co A, 140th Illinois Infantry Private 02/25/1929 Section A 42 2
Stuart, Joel Albert Co E, 12th Iowa Infantry & Co K, 4th Volunteer Reserve Corps Corporal 01/02/1912 IOOF 61 4
Surfus, Abraham Franklin Co I, 2nd Iowa Cavalry Private 05/26/1888 Old Cemetery 82
Swope, Thomas W. Co K, 3rd Provisional Regiment, Enrolled Missouri Militia (Union) unknown 12/24/1904 Old Cemetery 180
Taylor, John Henry Co A, 18th Maine Infantry & Co A, 1st Maine Heavy Artillery Sergeant 01/23/1905 1st Addition 81W 1
Thomas, Spencer Co G, 4th Michigan Cavalry Sergeant 02/22/1907 1st Addition 70 1    
Tingle, Nathan Co E, 1st Michigan Light Artillery Private 08/05/1902 1st Addition 51 1
Tufts, James Albert Co E, 14th Wisconsin Infantry Private 11/15/1916 IOOF 92 3
Tull, William Samuel Co E, !st Oregon Cavalry Private 03/09/1930 Section B 84 C
Van Hoy, Oliver Abraham Co H, 7th Missouri Cavalry Private 07/08/1931 Section B 156 A
Wakeman, Philip Co B, 160th New York Infantry Private 06/14/1903 Masonic 84 1
Waldron, James Alexander Co G, 47th Iowa Infantry 5th Corporal 08/02/1924 1st Addition A 5
Walker, Franklin L. Co. D, 2nd Kansas Cavalry Private 11/17/1897 Old Cemetery 360      
Walter, Alpha Co F, 30th Wisconsin Infantry Private 10/23/1912 1st Addition 192 1
Ware, James Matthew (CSA) Co I, 7th Infantry (Missouri or Arkansas) Private 11/25/1913 1st Addition 95 2
Warren, Charles E. Co B, !st Oregon Infantry Corporal 03/28/1874 IOOF 47 1
Washburn, Andrew J. Co I, 24th New York Infantry Private 11/14/1896 Masonic 93 3
Watkins, James Perry Co E, 1st Oregon Infantry Private 04/25/1918 Old Cemetery 311 No headstone
Watson, George C. U. S. Navy unknown 11/08/1900 1st Addition 41 3
Webb, (James) Hanley Co E, 23rd Missouri Infantry Private 08/07/1888 Old Cemetery 336
Weir, Evan P. Co F & B, 50th Missouri Infantry & Co D, 45th Missouri Infantry Private 04/07/1921 Old Cemetery 407 3
Wells, Peter G. Co E, 13th Wisconsin Infantry Private 07/13/1914 Old Cemetery 217
Wendover, George Washington Co K & C, 75th New York Infantry & 42nd V. R. C., Co. F. 6th U. S. Infantry (1868-1871) Private 12/29/1936 1st Addition 144 4 No


Wetherell, John Otis Co F, 1st Minnesota Heavy Artillery 2nd Lieutenant 03/17/1893 Masonic 39 4
Wickham, Robert M. Co A, 13th Iowa Infantry Private 03/25/1903 Old Cemetery 155
Williams, Charles A. Co I, 9th Vermont Infantry Private 07/23/1925 1st Addition 90 2
Williams, John R. Co I, 1st Wisconsin Heavy Artillery Corporal 01/05/1905 1st Addition 89 4
Williams, Richard E. Co F, 22nd Wisconsin Infantry Private 04/05/1875 Old Cemetery 138      
Williams, William C. Co B, 13th Michigan Infantry Private 06/09/1918 1st Addition 84 3
Woodward, Rogers Oliver Co A, 14th Vermont Infantry Private 01/20/1917 Section A 46 2
Zerkel, Amos Co M, 2nd Ohio Cavalry Private 11/08/1925 Section A 165 5