Hello from Oregon City, first incorporated city in the Oregon Territory, first capitol and home of many other first…including the first public cemetery in Oregon, Mountain View.

Many of the early residents of the city are buried at Mountain View, as well as in the historic Canemah Cemetery, St. John the Apostle Catholic Cemetery, and the Straight family cemetery, all of which are within the city limits.

Two of the most famous graves in the city are those of Dr. John McLoughlin and his wife, Marguerite, now resting next to their house at the McLoughlin House National Historic Site. The graves, which were originally in the Catholic Church graveyard at 10th and Main, had been moved up the hill when the church was moved in the 1940s and then moved again to the property next to the house, which itself had been moved to the top of Singer Hill in 1909.

As an amateur historian, and dedicated taphophile, I’ve spend several decades walking the cemeteries, photographing headstones, contributing to Find A Grave, and collecting epitaphs. But over time I’ve also found myself wondering who the people under the stones were in life.

This blog is intended to bring these early citizens of the city back to life, through the stories in their obituaries and other news reports and family histories. A walk through the cemetery provides the rough details, names, dates, memberships and family place (Mother, Father…) but for those who visit the cemeteries this blog will add to your walk as you “meet” the residents through their life stories.

Questions? Contact me at: oregoncityhistory@gmail.com

Karin Morey


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