Meade Post No. 2, G. A. R.

book-coverMEADE POST NO. 2, G.A.R.

A transcription of the original rosters of the Post, organized in May 1881, giving their Civil War service and history of membership. Additional information includes date of death, burial location and biographical notes from their obituaries.

Meet the almost 400 veterans who mustered into the Post before the Charter was surrendered in 1930. These men served the Union from every state that raised troops to preserve the Union, and in many cases suffered the rest of their lives from the wounds or diseases connected to their service.

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Organizing Meade Post – from the book:

Adjutant C. A. Williams read the minutes of the first meeting and organization of the Post, which took place on May 6th, 1881. These minutes conveyed the information that on the date mentioned Commander N. S. Pierce, of George Wright Post, Grand Army of the Republic, assisted by Comrades A. E. Borthwick, F. K. Arnold, O. Summers and D. D. Neer appeared for the purpose of mustering in Meade Post, No. 24 with the following charter members: T. C. Bell, M. L. G. Wheeler, C. J. Imel, S. B. Califf, Dr. S. Parker, L. T. Barin, C. H. Dauchy, A. B. Moore, J. T. Apperson, W. W. Watenpaugh, M. C. Athey, Z. C. Wood, J. A. Stuart, George A. Harding. The following officers were then elected: Commander T. C. Bell; Senior Vice-Commander, L. T. Barin; Junior Vice-Commander, C. H. Dauchy; Officer of the Day, George A. Harding; Quartermaster, J. T. Apperson; Surgeon, Dr. S. Parker; Officer of the Guard C. J. Imel.

M. C. Athey was appointed Adjutant. Quartermaster Apperson appointed J. A. Stuart as Quartermaster Sergeant and Adjutant Athey appointed S. B. Califf. Sergeant Major. M. L. G. Wheeler was appointed Inside Sentinel. At the second meeting of the Post F. O. McCown, a charter member, unable to be present at the first meeting, was admitted to membership and elected Chaplain.

At this meeting the invitation to assist George Wright Post of Portland, to celebrate Memorial Day, was received.