Members of Meade Post No. 2

Numbers in parentheses show service in more than one regiment.

All service information has been checked against military records. Some questions still remain on a few of the members – please e-mail questions, additions or corrections to:

Name Company Regiment State or Branch Regiment Type
Ackley, John B 22 Iowa Infantry
Adams, Martin L. C 26 Indiana Infantry
Alderman, John V. 2nd Battery   Iowa Light Artillery
Allen, Richard M. E & F 1 Oregon Cavalry
Allen, William Richard (1) C 34 Iowa Infantry
Allen, William Richard (2) B 34 Iowa Infantry
Allen, William Richard (3) B 34 & 38 Consolidated Iowa Infantry
Amen, Francis M. H 148 Illinois Infantry
Andrews, Leigh Richmond Battery M 2 Illinois Light Artillery
Andrews, Luther M. (Dr.) (Surgeon) F & S 47 Illinois Infantry
Andrus, Truman C. (1) K 143 Pennsylvania Infantry
Andrus, Truman C. (2) Co 2 16 V. R. C. Infantry
Apperson, John Thomas E or F 1 Oregon Cavalry
Athey, Morrison Columbia E 1 Oregon Infantry
Babcock, Christopher Columbus Moore B 8 Minnesota Infantry
Bacon, Herbert L. (Drummer) G 13 Michigan Infantry
Baker, Charles S. (1) B 1 Vermont Cavalry
Baker, Charles S. (2) C 1 Vermont Cavalry
Barin, Louis Theodore F 1 Oregon Cavalry
Bates, Charles Lincoln (1) M 1 Vermont Heavy Artillery
Bates, Charles Lincoln (2) D 1 Vermont Heavy Artillery
Bates, Edwin (1) L 11 Missouri Cavalry
Bates, Edwin (2) F 39 Missouri Infantry
Baty, John Wesley A 5 Missouri Cavalry
Bauer, William (Blacksmith) E 3 U. S. Artillery
Beach, Francis H. A 29 Indiana Infantry
Bechtel, Martin (Musician) C 20 Illinois Infantry
Behymer, James Madison D 50 Illinois Infantry
Bell,Thomas C. A 74 Ohio Infantry
Bellmore, William W. C 66 Illinois Infantry
Besancon, Eugene B 2 New York Mounted Rifles
Bill, Sergeant David K. B 3 Minnesota Infantry
Bird, Cornelius A 16 Iowa Infantry
Blankenship, Corporal Hiram H. (1) E 14 Kentucky Infantry
Blankenship, Corporal Hiram H. (2) G 195 Ohio Infantry
Blount, John R. G 107 Illinois Infantry
Boardman, George (1) F 25 Wisconsin Infantry
Boardman, George (2) E 12 Wisconsin Infantry
Boen, Darwin Hamilton (1) G 35 Arkansas Infantry – Confederate
Boen, Darwin Hamilton (2) A 1 Arkansas Infantry – Union
Bogue, Corporal Fletcher E 19 Wisconsin Infantry
Bohm, Charles F. I 21 New York Infantry
Boring, William Harrison D 33 Illinois Infantry
Bott, Peter (1) L 1 Minnesota Cavalry
Bott, Peter (2) A 11 Minnesota Infantry
Bowers, William Delose G 14 New York Infantry
Boyer, Elias (1) F 148 Pennsylvania Infantry
Boyer, Elias (2) A 22 V. R. C. Infantry
Boynton, Edgar B 132 Illinois Infantry
Brayton, William Frederick I 20 Illinois Infantry
Brewer, Charles D 7 Minnesota Infantry
Briggs, Joseph F. (1) F 35 New York Infantry
Briggs, Joseph F. (2) E 4 Iowa Infantry
Brooks, John F. (1) B 30 Illinois Infantry
Brooks, John F. (2) H 68 Illinois Infantry
Brown Benjamin Minett C 7 Indiana Reorg Infantry
Brown, John Franklin S. D 11 Maryland Infantry
Brown, Theodore G 36 Iowa Infantry
Buckbee, James K 9 West Virginia Infantry
Buckner, Berry (Kingsberry) E 1 Oregon Infantry
Burghardt, Lieutenant William Hollenbeck F 3 Kentucky Cavalry
Butler Joseph Thomas (Musician) K 49 Wisconsin Infantry
Cahill, Corporal Enos I 80 Ohio Infantry
Califf, Captain Samuel Bradford K 38 Iowa Infantry
Califf, Joseph Badger K 38 Iowa Infantry
Calkins, Daniel C 16 Wisconsin Infantry
Campbell, Robert B 1 Wisconsin Heavy Artillery
Cannedy, David W. A 105 Illinois Infantry
Carpenter, Edward D. (1) B 41 Wisconsin Infantry
Carpenter, Edward D. (2) B 43 Wisconsin Infantry
Carter, Joseph B. I 52 Pennsylvania Militia
Chapman, Joseph B. C 49 Wisconsin Infantry
Cheney, Orin A. H 13 Wisconsin Infantry
Chesmore, Henry B. A 13 Wisconsin Infantry
Chute, Greenleaf C 12 Maine Infantry
Clark, Skillman G. (Bugler) K 20 California Cavalry
Clinefelter, Albert Sidney A 18 Ohio Infantry
Clyde, Corporal Oscar L. D 8 Iowa Infantry
Clyde, Henry S. H 13 U.S. 1st Battalion Infantry
Coffenberry, Nathan Lewis E 1 Oregon Infantry
Colbert, Corporal Patrick C 37 Illinois Infantry
Colo, Charles G 12 Indiana Cavalry
Commons, James H. L 1 New York Engineers
Comstock, Byron W. (1) I 5 Iowa Cavalry
Comstock, Byron W. (2) B Brackett’s Battalion Minnesota Cavalry
Conaway, John (1) E 84 Illinois Infantry
Conaway, John (2) 2nd Battalion 157 V. R. C. Infantry
Confer, John Andrew (1) E 16 Wisconsin Infantry
Confer, John Andrew (2) C 30 Wisconsin Infantry
Cook, James A. K 25 Michigan Infantry
Cooper, Robert P (1) C 14 Missouri Cavalry
Cooper, Robert P (2) E 4 Missouri Cavalry
Cooper,Robert Milo K 183 Pennsylvania Infantry
Crawford, John (1) H 16 U.S.1st Battalion Infantry
Crawford, John (2) K 1 Iowa Cavalry
Crites, Jacob K 33 Illinois Infantry
Crowley, Thomas A 1 Oregon Infantry
Daley, Charles N. B 10 Minnesota Infantry
Darnall, Nicholas H. E 129 Illinois Infantry
Dauchy, Charles Henry B 3 Minnesota Infantry
Davidson, William Armstrong (1) C 5 Iowa Cavalry
Davidson, William Armstrong (2) C 5 Iowa Veteran Cavalry
Davies, David H. F 22 Wisconsin Infantry
Davis, Joseph D. A 2 Iowa Cavalry
Davis, Philander Thomas D 29 Iowa Infantry
Davis, William M. E 39 Iowa Infantry
Davis, William Way A 4 Iowa Cavalry
Davison, William     U.S. Navy  
Day, David A. (1)     Capt D. A. Day’s Clark County Company Enrolled Missouri Militia
Day, David A. (2) C 3 Iowa Cavalry
Deford, John James Battery F Hampton’s Pennsylvania Light Artillery
Delay, William I 3 Iowa Cavalry
Deshields, Pleasant D 1 Oregon Infantry
Devlin, James Lawrence I 88 Pennsylvania Infantry
Deyoe, James F. I 6 Michigan Infantry
Dick, Josiah Stone M 7 Pennsylvania Cavalry
Dimick, John Buell.(1) B 1 Oregon Cavalry
Dimick, John Buell.(2) E 1 Oregon Infantry
Dobbins, Joseph A 15 Illinois Infantry
Dodds, William A. A 53 Ohio Infantry
Dodge, Eber L. D 1 Michigan Light Artillery
Donahue, Martin L. (1) C & D 15 (Anderson’s) Pennsylvania Cavalry
Donahue, Martin L. (2) M 20 Pennsylvania Militia
Doremus, Jeremiah G 27 New Jersey Infantry
Doty, George W. (1) E 39 New Jersey Infantry
Doty, George W. (2)     U.S Navy.  
Dugger, John B 13 Kentucky Cavalry
Dwyer, Charles     U.S. Marine Corps  
Easter, Jacob Pinkerton   24 Ohio Light Artillery
Eaton, Oscar A 26 Michigan Infantry
Eby, John W.   1st Battery Indiana Light Artillery
Elsesor, Christopher C 11 Ohio Infantry
Engle, Peter I 15 Illinois Infantry
Etters, William (1) E 34 Pennsylvania Infantry
Etters, William (2) D 191 Pennsylvania Infantry
Ewing, James Henry E Purnell Legion Maryland Infantry
Ewing, Simon D. B 58 Indiana Infantry
Fairfowl, Hector W (Farfaul)     U. S. Navy
Faubion, W. H. E 2 Missouri Militia
Feather, John Orlando (1) I 38 Iowa Infantry
Feather, John Orlando (2) B 34th & 38th Combined Iowa Infantry
Fetterly, Jerome I 12 Wisconsin Infantry
Fitzgerald, Thomas I 36 Wisconsin Infantry
Flowers, James Richard A 26 Kentucky Infantry
Fouts, Darius C. C 1 Michigan Sharpshooters
Fowler, Samuel E 1 Ohio Heavy Artillery
France, Alfred W. C 10 Wisconsin Infantry
France, Alfred W.   15 V. R. C.  
Frederick, Francis L 2 Minnesota Cavalry
Freeman, William W. (1) F 11 Illinois Infantry
Freeman, William W. (2) D 91 Illinois Infantry
Frost, David Gilbert B 116 Ohio Infantry
Fuge, Patrick B 129 Illinois Infantry
Garbade, John (1) F 2 Rhode Island Infantry
Garbade, John (2) B 2 Rhode Island Infantry Reorganized
Gard, John Jay E 1 Oregon Cavalry
Gard, Milo (Marlon Otis) E 1 Oregon Infantry
Gerber, Jacob B 31 Wisconsin Infantry
Getz, Andrew C. C 79 Pennsylvania Infantry
Gifford, Elisha G 71 Indiana Infantry
Gillingham, Harvey W. H 53 Ohio Infantry
Gorbett, Joshua A 54 Indiana Infantry
Gosser, Benedict H 48 Wisconsin Infantry
Gould, William Henry C 105 Illinois Infantry
Graham, James Knox A 1 Oregon Cavalry
Grant, Ebenezer “Eben” B. H 142 New York Infantry
Graves, Jesse Thomas F 147 Illinois Infantry
Graves, Philip M. C 1 Oregon Infantry
Gray, George Riley G 123 Indiana Infantry
Gray, Samuel Benton Kingery G 123 Indiana Infantry
Grider, Evan Thomas A 27 Indiana Infantry
Griffith, James F. M. A 1 Oregon Infantry
Griffith, William W. D 19 Wisconsin Infantry
Grim, Byron J C 1 Oregon Infantry
Guile, William H. A 3 Iowa Cavalry
Guyer, John Jacob G 19 Wisconsin Infantry
Guynup, Aaron G 26 New York Cavalry
Hadley, James H. G 1 Iowa Cavalry
Halbwaks, Conrad F 7 Illinois Cavalry
Hallinan, William E 2 Nebraska Cavalry
Hampton, Martin W. (1) M 9 Michigan Cavalry
Hampton, Martin W. (2) L 1 Michigan Light Artillery
Hanna, Lyman Page K 105 Ohio Infantry
Harding George A. E 1 Oregon Infantry
Harding, Henry J. E 1 Oregon Infantry
Harless, John F 147 Indiana Infantry
Harris, John A. K 12 Kansas Infantry
Hart, James Kennedy E & A Residuary 14 Iowa Infantry
Hasbrouck, Daniel Henry Sr. F 12 Iowa Infantry
Hatch, Julian A 1 Michigan Engineers & Mechanics
Hawley, Edward E 12 Michigan Infantry
Hayford, Faxon (1) C 1 Minnesota Infantry
Hayford, Faxon (2) A 1 Minnesota Infantry
Hayward, Sennith P. B 6 Missouri Infantry
Hickman, Charles Thornton (1) M 2 Missouri Cavalry
Hickman, Charles Thornton (2) B 39 Missouri Infantry
Hickman, Lemuel Holden F 87 Indiana Infantry
Hickox, William H. (1) I 23 Illinois Infantry
Hickox, William H. (2) A 1 Michigan Light Artillery
Higgins, John E 50 Wisconsin Infantry
Hobble, Andrew J. H 11 Illinois Cavalry
Hoberg, Christopher (1) H 26 Wisconsin Infantry
Hoberg, Christopher (2) H 3 Wisconsin Infantry
Hoehn, George B 8 Indiana Cavalry
Hogan, Robert B 1 Oregon Cavalry
Holland, Thomas D Osage Missouri Infantry
Holmes, Orren (1) K 12 Indiana Infantry
Holmes, Orren (2) A & C 18 U. S. 2nd Battalion Army
Holmes, Orren (3) H 18 U. S. 1st Battalion Army
Hooper, James E 100 Indiana Infantry
Horn, Charles F. K 74 Pennsylvania Infantry
Horton, George Fletcher C 148 Ohio Infantry
Horton, Lewis P. K 32 Wisconsin Infantry
Huard, Michael C Hatch’s Minnesota Cavalry
Huerth Theodore C 9 Wisconsin Infantry
Hull, Henry Lucillius (1) C 57 Pennsylvania Infantry
Hull, Henry Lucillius (2) G 144 Ohio Infantry
Hunt, Joseph R. B 19 Illinois Infantry
Hutson, Ezra I 140 New York Infantry
Imel, Conrad Junifer G 82 Indiana Infantry
Ingle John L. H 18 Illinois (Reorganized) Infantry
Ingraham, Edward Henry B 33 Illinois Infantry
Ingram, Lewis William (1) F & S 148 Pennsylvania Infantry
Ingram, Lewis William (2) F & S 81 Pennsylvania Infantry
James, David A. (1) K 1 Wisconsin Cavalry
James, David A. (2)   187 V. R. C., 1st Battalion  
Jarrett, Charles. E. A 1 Nevada Cavalry
Johnson, Edward (1) D 88 New York Infantry
Johnson, Edward (2) A 88 New York Infantry
Johnson, Hiram D. (1) H 14 Indiana Infantry
Johnson, Hiram D. (2) Battery C 4 U. S. Light Artillery
Johnson, Marion G 11 Illinois Cavalry
Jordan, John R. K 17 Indiana Infantry
Joslyn, Andrew J. E 1 Oregon Infantry
Joyner, James H. K 60 Indiana Infantry
Kelland, Robert (1) K 34 Massachusetts Infantry
Kelland, Robert (2) I 21 V. R. C. Infantry
Kellogg, Theodore M. (1) G 39 Wisconsin Infantry
Kellogg, Theodore M. (2) L 1 Wisconsin Cavalry
Ketchum, Alonzo B 6 Iowa Infantry
Kleffman, Samuel (1) G 47 Illinois Infantry
Kleffman, Samuel (2) B 47 Illinois (Consolidated) Infantry
Knapp, Miles (1) C 14 Wisconsin Infantry
Knapp, Miles (2) H 49 Wisconsin Infantry
Koehler, Johann Frederick B 1 Wisconsin Cavalry
Koplin, Israel F 9 Indiana Infantry
Lamour, Adam     U.S. Navy  
Landes, John R. B 72 Indiana Infantry
Lang, Adam F 29 Wisconsin Infantry
Langford, Isaac Champlin   3rd Battery Minnesota Light Artillery
Lanpheir, James A 8 Indiana Infantry
Lawton, Ambrose D. A 116 New York Infantry
Leavens, David O A 16 Iowa Infantry
Leavitt, Justin Joseph I 8 Wisconsin Infantry
Lee, Milton L 9 Iowa Cavalry
Leek, Amos G 10 Michigan Cavalry
Lemon, George W. H 3 Michigan Infantry
Lentz, Jacob F 34 Kentucky Infantry
Leonard, John F. B 125 Illinois Infantry
Leslie, Robert   22nd independent battery Ohio Light Artillery
Lewis, Charles Newton K 9 Indiana Legion
Lewthwaite John (1) B 77 New York Infantry
Lewthwaite John (2) D 77 New York Infantry
Linville, Richard Baxter (1) H 5 Missouri Cavalry
Linville, Richard Baxter (2) E 35 Missouri Infantry
Livesay, Robert Carter C 116 Illinois Infantry
Loney, Henry G 26 Indiana Infantry
Long, Michael K 51 Indiana Infantry
Longley, Eli H.     U.S. Navy  
Mallatt, Joshua Josephus H 12 Missouri Cavalry
Manning, Charles (1) C 2 Wisconsin Infantry
Manning, Charles (2) A 1 V. R. C. Infantry
Marble, Henry (1) C 11 Michigan Cavalry
Marble, Henry (2) I 8 V. R. C.  
Mars, Charles Perry G 11 Iowa Infantry
Martin, Alexander Campbell H 25 Iowa Infantry
Martin, Alexander Campbell D 17 V. R. C. Infantry
Martin, Atwell C 126 Illinois Infantry
Martin, Josiah I 9 Minnesota Infantry
Matthews, Archibald M 7 Iowa Cavalry
Mattocks, Jason L. C 12 Iowa Infantry
Mautz August D 9 Ohio Cavalry
Mazingo, William I 28 Illinois Infantry
McArthur, David E 19 Illinois Infantry
McCaffrey, James E Hatch’s Minnesota Cavalry
McCauley, James L. (1) A 16 U. S. Infantry
McCauley, James L. (2) I 14 Illinois Cavalry
McCausland, Charles H. A 3 Minnesota Infantry
McCavet, James C. C 12 Rhode Island Infantry
McClellan, William Henry G 141 Ohio Infantry
McComb, James S. D Osage Missouri Infantry
McCown, Ferdinant Onias E 1 Oregon Infantry
McDuffie, John W. B 3 Wisconsin Cavalry
McFarland, James W. H 8 Indiana Cavalry
Mead, Philander I 7 Michigan Infantry
Means, Thomas (1) E 2 Kansas Cavalry
Means, Thomas (2) F 14 Kansas Cavalry
Mershon, Lewis C. K 6 Iowa Cavalry
Meyer, Frederick C 142 Indiana Infantry
Midlam, Enoch Walker F 1 Pennsylvania Cavalry
Midlam, Samuel B 87 Pennsylvania Infantry
Milem, Christopher I & B 75 New York Infantry
Miller, Joshua P. (1) H 143 Pennsylvania Infantry
Miller, Joshua P. (2) 22 co 2nd battalion V. R. C.  
Mills, Christopher E 60 Ohio Infantry
Mills, Jacob G 168 Ohio Infantry
Mills, Samuel A 47 Iowa Infantry
Moore, Alexander Burton B 51 Illinois Infantry
Moore, Frank K 8 Minnesota Infantry
Moore, Marcus Lafayette E 2 Illinois Cavalry
Moore, William Reed (1) A 139 Pennsylvania Infantry
Moore, William Reed (2) D 211 Pennsylvania Infantry
Morgan, Michael (1) H McDermotts Washington D. C. Infantry
Morgan, Michael (2) H 1 V. R. C.  
Morrell, Lewis E. (1) D 1 Pennsylvania Infantry
Morrell, Lewis E. (2)     U.S. Navy  
Myers, Charles   3 Battery Ohio Light Artillery
Naught, Francis Marion A 1 Oregon Infantry
Nelson, James F. B 3 Wisconsin Cavalry
Newton, Jasper Jackson L 3 Iowa Cavalry
Ogden, William Lindly E 132 Illinois Infantry
Olds, John M. H 2 Minnesota Cavalry
Paddock, Johnathan C. F 21 Missouri Infantry
Page, George Henry   1 Battery Minnesota Light Artillery
Pardee, James K. (1) G 19 Ohio Infantry
Pardee, James K. (2) A 2 Ohio Cavalry
Parker, Calvin Franklin E 118 Indiana Infantry
Parker, Gilman (1) B Johnson County Missouri Infantry
Parker, Scollay Meade (Dr.)     U.S. Navy  
Pauling, Charles Henry E 45 Missouri Infantry
Pendergast, Hiram A 37 Indiana Infantry
Pendleton, Michael D 1 Oregon Cavalry
Phegley, James C Osage Hickory County Missouri Infantry
Pilsbury, John G. D 1 Maine Infantry
Pollard, Aaron Burr A 1 Alabama Cavalry
Porter, Abner A. (1) D 8 Michigan Cavalry
Porter, Abner A. (2) I 24 Michigan Infantry.
Porter, Ray Wadsworth A 83 Pennsylvania Infantry
Potter, Seaman Wright D 13 Ohio Infantry
Priester, Julius F. H. E 26 Iowa Infantry
Prindle, Isaac B 5 Connecticut Infantry
Putnam, Israel Pitt Battery C 1 West Virginia Light Artillery
Randolph, John A. C 40 Wisconsin Infantry
Rawlings, Washington F 23 Iowa Infantry
Read, James C. C 13 Indiana Cavalry
Read, James C.     V. R. C.  
Redner, Frank I 1 Minnesota Infantry
Rittenhouse, Wilson (1) K 47 Iowa Infantry
Rittenhouse, Wilson (2) K 13 Indiana Infantry
Roberds, Silvanus L. H 1 Indiana Heavy Artillery
Robeson, David M 7 Iowa Cavalry
Rockwell Lucius D. D 74 Illinois Infantry
Rollins, John G 169 New York Infantry
Rollow, Francis (1) K 8 Wisconsin Infantry
Rollow, Francis (2) D 95 Illinois Infantry
Roman, Joseph (1) H 1 Pennsylvania Rifles
Roman, Joseph (2) G 6 Maryland Volunteers
Roman, Joseph (3)   Moson’s Independent Pennsylvania Cavalry
Roman, Joseph (4) K 203 Pennsylvania Infantry
Roots, James William E 13 Kansas Infantry
Rowen, Miles E 4 Indiana Cavalry
Rue, Schuyler B/K 36/15 Illinois Infantry/Cavalry
Runyon, William Stewart A 10 Iowa Infantry
Russell, William K 1 Minnesota Heavy Artillery
Ryckman, Clark T. C 33 Wisconsin Infantry
Salisbury, Henry Philip H 15 Kansas Cavalry
Sawyer, Albert Luther K 38 Iowa Infantry
Sawyer, Joseph C H 16 Vermont Infantry
Schmidt, Gottlieb C. (1) K 92 Illinois Infantry
Schmidt, Gottlieb C. (2) I 65 Illinois Infantry
Schrody, George B. B 162 U. S. 2nd Battalion Infantry
Scruton, Edwin (1) B 35 Iowa Infantry
Scruton, Edwin (2) K 12 Iowa Infantry
Sewell, Joseph K 95 Illinois Infantry
Shade, Jacob F 58 Illinois Infantry
Shadle, John (1) E 3rd artillery/152nd Reg Pennsylvania Artillery
Shadle, John (2) A 188 Pennsylvania Infantry
Shank, George Washington B 16 Ohio Infantry
Sharback, William C 1 New Jersey Infantry
Shaw, Henry W. K 14 Wisconsin Infantry
Shaw, James P (1) K 15 Ohio Infantry
Shaw, James P (2) C 31 Ohio Infantry
Shoup, John F. C 103 Pennsylvania Infantry
Slover, Daniel Jasper E 1 Oregon Infantry
Smith, Calvin J. (1)   3 Battery Iowa Light Artillery
Smith, Calvin J. (2) I 38 Iowa Infantry
Smith, Calvin J. (3) F 34 & 38 Consolidated Iowa Infantry
Smith, Charles F. H 65 Illinois Infantry
Smith, George Waldron C & A 126 New York Infantry
Smith, Henry H 17 Illinois Cavalry
Smith, William H. L 2 Missouri Cavalry
Snow, William C 3 Illinois Cavalry
Sowers, Calvin B 6 Ohio Cavalry
St. John, Bela Taylor E 46 Illinois Infantry
Stephens, Allen R B 1 Tennessee Infantry
Stevens, Austin J. H 13 U. S. 1st Battalion Infantry
Stickney, John Higgins B 33 Illinois Infantry
Stockwell, Charles A. K 83 Illinois Infantry
Stoddard, Hiram C. K 18 Michigan Infantry
Stokes, Albert Frederick. C & G 31 Massachusetts Infantry
Stratton, Isaac J. (1) K 10 New York Cavalry
Stratton, Isaac J. (2) K 1 New York Cavalry
Stroup, Robert Josiah A 140 Illinois Infantry
Struthers, Luther Martin C 4 Wisconsin Cavalry
Stuart, Joel Albert (1) E 12 Iowa Infantry
Stuart, Joel Albert (2) K 4 V. R. C.  
Swartz, Martin     U.S Navy.  
Taylor James Monroe F 12 Iowa Infantry
Terman, Francis D 1 Oregon Infantry
Thayer, Edward B. (1) H 73 Illinois Infantry
Thayer, Edward B. (2) B 1 U. S. Volunteer Engineers  
Thayer, John A. A 26 Michigan Infantry
Thomas, John E 1 Minnesota Cavalry
Thomas, Spencer C 4 Michigan Cavalry
Thompson, Alexander J.   Henshaw’s Illinois Light Artillery
Tingle, Harrison B. (1) K 135 Ohio Infantry
Tingle, Harrison B. (2) E 198 Ohio Infantry
Tingle, Harvey I 45 Ohio Infantry
Tingle, Nathan E 1 Michigan Light Artillery
Torrence, Adam Clark B 9 Iowa Infantry
Tucker, Albert D 43 Missouri Infantry
Tucker, Hilary D 21 Missouri Infantry
Tucker, John Thomas B 9 West Virginia Infantry
Tufts, James Albert E 14 Wisconsin Infantry
Tull, William Samuel E 1 Oregon Cavalry
Underwood, Newton E 15 Missouri Cavalry
Van Duyn, Lewis C. F 101 Indiana Infantry
VanHoy, Oliver Abraham H 7 Missouri Cavalry
Waldron, James Alexander G 47 Iowa Infantry
Walker, Anderson K & D reorg 10 Illinois Cavalry
Walker, Franklin L. (1) D 2 Kansas Cavalry
Walker, Franklin L. (2) M 2 Kansas Cavalry
Warner, Wesley H 132 Ohio Infantry
Washburn, Andrew J. I 24 New York Infantry
Washburn, Oregon (1) C 6 Missouri Infantry
Washburn, Oregon (2)   2nd battalion V. R. C.  
Watenpaugh Wallace W. K 36 Illinois Infantry
Webster, George H. (1) E 12 Illinois Infantry
Webster, George H. (2) H 64 Illinois Infantry
Wells, Peter G. E 13 Wisconsin Infantry
Welsh, Thomas B 2 Illinois Light Artillery
Wendover, George Washington K 75 New York Infantry
Wert, Benjamin C 22 Iowa Infantry
Westfall, George (1) E 19 Illinois Infantry
Westfall, George (2) H 53 Illinois Infantry
Westfall, William M. E 1 Oregon Infantry
Wetherell, John Otis F 1 Minnesota Heavy Artillery
Wheeler, Milo L. G. A 11 Michigan Infantry
White, Edward Thomas G 35 Iowa Infantry
Wickham, Robert M. A 13 Iowa Infantry
Wickham, William H. M 2 Michigan Cavalry
Wilkerson, Robert Andrew Martin C 23 Missouri Infantry
Willett, J. Frank A 1 Michigan Sharpshooters
Williams, Charles A. I 9 Vermont Infantry
Williams, Daniel G 3 Wisconsin Infantry
Williams, John R. I 1 Wisconsin Heavy Artillery
Williams, William C. B 13 Michigan Infantry
Willoughby, Mahlon E. G 121 Ohio Infantry
Wilson, William M. K 3 Wisconsin Cavalry
Winslow, Thomas Beaumont I & D 12 Illinois Cavalry
Wood, Zacheriah C. I 11 Kansas Cavalry
Woodruff, William Henry A 1 Dakota Cavalry
Woodward, Rogers O. A 14 Vermont Infantry
Worthington, James K. A 173 Ohio Infantry
Zerkel, Amos M 2 Ohio Cavalry
Zimmerman, Andrew J. A 96 Ohio Infantry