Tragic Deaths

Many of those buried in Oregon City did not meet peaceful ends. Accidents, murder, drownings, explosions and more brought about many of the deaths of our residents.

“Fiction Furnishes No Female Character to Equal Her True Story” 1907 murder of Joseph Maxwell and Martha Maxwell Henderson, suicide of William Henderson and the true story of Martha’s criminal past…

  • Joseph D. Maxwell, Mountain View Cemetery, I. O. O. F., Lot 60
  • Martha Maxwell Henderson, Mountain View Cemetery, First Addition, Lot 152
  • William M. Henderson, Mountain View Cemetery, Old Cemetery, Lot 239

A Planned Day of Fishing Ends Tragically

  • Charles Wesley Pope, Mountain View Cemetery, I. O. O. F., Lot 56.

Shot in the Line of Duty, April 23, 1906

  • George J. Hanlon, Oregon City Night Police, St. John’s Catholic Cemetery

Blown to Atoms…

  • James Rettinger, 26 year old O. N. G. member killed while blasting stumps at home, 1909. Mountain View Cemetery, First Addition, Block 251, family stone.

Falls to His Death at the Paper Mill…

  • Timothy Seymour Alexander, age 28, survived a three-year army enlistment only to die in fall a few months later at the Willamette Pulp & Paper Company.  Mountain View Cemetery, First Addition, Block 224, Grave 5, no stone.

Died a Hero after Saving Others from the Fire…

  • Frederick R. Price. Died of burns July 15, 1910. Mountain View Cemetery, Old Cemetery Lot 28.

A Day of Crawfish Hunting Turns into a Triple Tragedy…

Sisters Florence Sandy Smith, age 22 and Minnie Sandy, age 16, drown while trying to save their friend, Clementine Farmer Fairhurst in August 1917. The Mayor and City Council of Oregon City donated the two burial lots for the Sandy sisters due to their parents’ “serious misfortune.”

  • Minnie Sandy, Mountain View Cemetery, Lot 124, Grave 1
  • Florence Sandy Smith, Mountain View Cemetery, Lot 124, Grave 2
  • Clementine Farmer Fairhurst, Mountain View Cemetery, Lot 120, Grave 2

Death By Elevator Weights…

  • Everette Pickle, age 19, dies while working at Hawley Pulp and Paper Co., May 1919. Mountain View Cemetery, Section A, Lot 65A, Grave 5.

Two Brothers – Two Deaths from Falls…

The Califf brothers are buried in Lot 400, Old Cemetery, Mountain View Cemetery. Their grandfather, Civil War veteran, Samuel Bradford Califf, is also buried in Mountain View Cemetery along with many other family members.

Death at the Station B Canal, 1897…

  • Jacob McComb, buried in 221, Old Cemetery, Mountain View Cemetery.
  • Anton Naterlin, buried at St. John the Apostle Catholic Cemetery, Oregon City

Died from Fall into Boiling Dye Vat at the Woolen Mill, 1897…